The April Favola Five
April 2023

By Emily Ryan

The world is constantly evolving, and so are the social media platforms we
use every day. Over the last month, there have been several social
innovations that have made headlines. To list them all, we’d be here a
while. So, we’ve narrowed them down to the top five of the month.
Welcome to the April edition of Favola Five…

Stories Made Simple
Facebook is testing a new feature that generates written stories based on
photos and videos that users upload. The feature uses artificial
intelligence to analyse the visual content and automatically creates a
written story. While this feature is still in its testing phase, it has the
potential to make it easier for users to share their experiences with their
friends and family, and Facebook fans.

Metas Avatars Just got a Make Over
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has rolled out improved avatars
that include a broader range of representation. The new avatars include
more diverse body types, clothing options and hairstyles. This feature is a
step forward in making social media more inclusive and representative of
all people.

LinkedIn Custom CTA Buttons
LinkedIn has added new custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on LinkedIn
Premium member profiles. This feature allows users to add buttons to
their profiles which encourage visitors to take specific actions, such as
scheduling a meeting or downloading a document. This new feature can
be beneficial for professionals and businesses alike looking to drive more
conversions through their LinkedIn profiles.

A Helping Hand for Instagram Creators
Instagram has made several updates to Reels, their short-form video
feature. These updates are designed to make it easier for creators to grow
their audience and engage with their followers. Some of the updates
include a dedicated trending section, which highlights popular Reels, and
new editing tools which allow creators to add music and text to videos.
Check out our previous blog on this for a deeper dive.

AI-Generated Music on Streaming Services
Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are using artificial
intelligence to generate music. These AI-generated tracks are created by
analysing existing songs and generating new music that are similar in
style. While this technology is still in its infancy, it has the potential to
change the music industry and how artists create and distribute their

These five social updates are just a few of the many changes happening in
the world of social media. As these platforms continue to evolve, it will be
interesting to see what new features stand the test of time. I don’t know
about you, but AI still gives us Black Mirror energy. This new technology
has really disrupted the virtual world already, and it’s just the beginning…

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