Claudia, Senior Social Media Manager
September 2023

By Grace Collinson

Meet Claudia, our new Senior Social Media Manager.

With nine years of experience climbing the career ladder in the social stratosphere, she is a jack of all digital trades with skills including copywriting, content creation, brand strategy, influencer management and paid activity, to name but a few. Claudia prides herself on always being one step ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest industry trends and insights, applying wherever possible to deliver the best results. This 100%, definitely, absolutely, includes spending three hours every evening on TikTok for *research* purposes.

In her spare time, Claudia enjoys binge watching The Real Housewives, spending money she doesn’t have, low budget horror films (5/10 or below on IMDB, preferably) and telling anyone with ears about the time she ran the 2023 London Marathon. If she could be reincarnated as anyone, it would be Kim Kardashian’s first born, North West, because she’s a 10-year- old and dresses better than anyone Claudia knows, and her mum’s a billionaire.

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