TikTok’s Greatest Love Story
June 2024

By Cait McNamara

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok recently, you’ve probably noticed the buzz around creators Yuval, Ayamé and Oliver. But what is it about this love triangle that has captivated millions?

This dramatic saga has taken the platform by storm, providing an endless source of speculation, memes, and reactions. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest TikTok sensation that has everyone talking.


Who Is Yuval, Ayamé and Oliver?

Before diving into the love triangle of the century, let’s get to know the main characters.

Yuval: Best known for his investigative skills, creating videos that would make Joe from ‘You’ uncomfortable. He built his following revealing the locations of his fellow creators, as well as talking about current affairs and being an expert sleuth. If he ever has kids, they sure won’t be getting away with anything.

Oliver: A TikTok creator from New Zealand who is known for… well, pretty much just goofing around. If he had a corporate job, he’d definitely be the personality hire.

And last but certainly not least, Ayamé: A British comedian on TikTok who gained popularity through her hilarious reactions to ‘satisfying videos’. She also dabbles in short vlogs and reviews of restaurants and hotels. And this, dear readers, is where our story begins…


How it started

Cast your minds back to December. It’s cold, Christmas songs are playing in every store, and Ayamé is enjoying a short getaway in a hotel. She posts a video saying five words that would change her life (or at least her TikTok channel) forever:

“Guys, guess where I am?”.

Shortly after, Yuval creates a video not only finding the name of Ayamé’s hotel, but also the exact room she was staying in. It’s worth mentioning here that Yuval always ensures his victims are long gone before releasing his videos. We assure you, no influencers were harmed in the making of this content.

So, Ayamé reacts to Yuval’s video with a stitch titled, “never posting a room service review again”. But Ayamé was clearly fibbing, because only a few months later she posts another hotel review/vlog, bating Yuval to find her. And here is where the romance blossoms.

Over the next few months this cat and mouse game plays out for all of us to enjoy, and it’s not long before the viewers pick up on some flirtatious undertones. Think Yuval winking at the camera, Ayamé calling Yuval pet names, you know the drill. Before long, people were heavily shipping this unlikely pair. That was until Oliver came onto the scene.


The Genesis of the Love Triangle

Back in May, Oliver Mills travelled to London to work with Ayamé on an ad for Audible. During this stay, Ayamé posted multiple videos flirting with Oliver in a *totally not obvious* way to get Yuval’s attention. In next to no time, TikTok was split into two camps: “Team Yuval” and “Team Oliver”.

With a third creator now in on the action, Yuval and Oliver start to create hilarious content dissing each other, including Oliver’s now infamous, ‘Bridgerton speech’, where he confessed his love for Ayamé so poetically he’d make Lady Whistledown blush.


Enemies to Lovers

Not long after rivalry began, Yuval posts a video addressed to Oliver revealing that he has found his old friend Ollie, and that he will be sending something to prove it. We waited in anticipation, until Oliver posted a rather giddy video saying that Yuval had sent him roses and a love letter…



So, where are we now with this epic saga? It looks like this love triangle has become somewhat a love circle – but what’s more interesting is the attention this trio has attracted.

TikTok is a platform that rewards collaboration, repetition, and building a community. Yuval, Ayamé and Oliver are three previously unaffiliated creators, who have managed to blend audiences, gaining a huge following in the process. Many who had never heard of Ayamé for instance, are staying tuned to see which man she’ll choose, and Yuval has even created a playlist on his channel for people to keep up with the back-and-forth drama between the three.

Yuval has managed to gain a paid partnership from this ‘romance’. A London café, Yeast Bakery, has created a signature drink called, Yuvamé Latte, in his honour and they’ve even put-up signs banning poor Oliver from entering their establishment. A potential location for the next team social I hear you ask?

So, if you are looking to build a community on TikTok while growing your following, perhaps it’s time you brush up on your sleuthing skills.

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