TikTok x Women’s World Cup
July 2023

By Emily Ryan

As the Women’s World Cup kicks off today, we couldn’t not talk about how TikTok has just announced an incredible partnership with FIFA.

The collaboration brings you an exclusive range of content throughout the Women’s World Cup. From behind-the-scenes to live pre-match coverage, TikTok will bring us first class tickets to Australia and New Zealand, where we hope to watch the Lionesses make history (again).

The app has also promised match highlights, player and coach reactions, and much more to come. Harish Sarma, Global Head of Sports at TikTok, added: “By giving fans from around the world unique access to their favourite teams and players, TikTok has quickly become a go-to destination for women’s sports content.”

To watch all 64 live World Cup matches, then you’ll need to tune into BBC, ITV or ITV 4.

To ensure a diverse range of perspectives, TikTok has handpicked a team of 16 creators from different countries to produce content directly from the event. These creators will offer unique insights into the evolving journey of the Women’s World Cup, making sure you don’t miss a beat. Another one of the many envious perks of being an influencer.

This partnership between TikTok and FIFA marks a significant moment in sports and entertainment history. It’s the first time that FIFA has collaborated with an entertainment platform to create exclusive content for the Women’s World Cup. Together, they aim to elevate the excitement and engagement surrounding this prestigious tournament.

TikTok has already proven to be a vibrant community for sports enthusiasts, with the hashtag #WomensFootball garnering a staggering 3.7 billion views on the platform. Football-related hashtags like #FIFAWorldCup, #FIFAWomensWorldCup and #FIFAWWC have also amassed tens of billions of views, showing the immense passion for the sport among TikTok users.

TikTok has gone one step further to create a dedicated hub for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. This hub is a one-stop destination for all the latest updates and content from FIFA, official broadcasters, national teams and players. It will even provide us with a convenient link to access the match schedule and scores on FIFA.com. So, we’ve really got no excuse when it comes to keeping up with the action.

Another easy way to keep up with all the Women’s World Cup action on TikTok is to stay tuned to the hashtag #FIFAWWC. This tag will be your ticket to staying updated on the latest highlights and developments throughout the tournament. Once the matches kick off, we recommend heading straight to the dedicated FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Hub within the app for an immersive experience.

With all eyes on the Women’s World Cup, it presents a golden opportunity for sports-related brands to jump on the bandwagon to create their own themed promotions and offers. TikTok’s massive audience will undoubtedly be engaged and excited, making it the perfect platform to reach a diverse and enthusiastic fan base.

So, football fans, don’t miss out on the action-packed FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on TikTok. Follow #FIFAWWC, explore the dedicated hub, and join the global soccer community in celebrating this historic event. We will be joining in on all the fun, so make sure to follow us on TikTok and Instagram.

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