Marketing New Homes on TikTok
June 2023

By Jennifer Green

“TikTok is exciting, messy, and more importantly – authentic”


Yesterday, we held our first ever TikTok event – discussing how to market new build homes on this skyrocketing, video-first platform.


We kicked off the event with our guest speaker, Ellie, from no other than TikTok itself. She shed some light on the significance of TikTok, it’s rise in popularity, and how it could (and should) be a vital part of companies’ marketing strategy.


This session also gave us a helpful rundown of TikTok’s unique features and gave us some interesting and surprising TikTok statistics. A perfect example – the hashtag, #RealEstate, has a whopping 28 billion views on TikTok.


After Ellie finished blowing our minds with her stats and recommendations, we rolled out two of Favola’s finest, Alex (CEO) and Sophie (Account Director), to talk about our approach to TikTok marketing. Top tips included utilising appropriate trends, incorporating trending audio, creating compelling hooks, and making sure each video feels authentic.


And authentic was certainly the word of the day, as our last (but certainly not least) guest speaker, Stuart Armfield, told us, it’s his favourite thing about the platform. Stuart, who is one half of the account @stuartandfrancis, explained that the platform allows creators to think outside the box and really be themselves. Stuart also shared with us how he and his partner grew their channel to an impressive 1.1m TikTok followers, and walked us through their creative process.


Overall, the event was a massive success. We would like to thank everyone who joined us, with a special thanks again to Ellie and Stuart for their amazing insights and advice.


Keep your eyes peeled for future events, and head over to our TikTok to have a sneak peak of the event yourself.

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