Our Favourite Q1 Campaigns
April 2024

By Cait McNamara

It may only be April, but 2024 has already been a great year for marketing. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Q1 2024’s most talked-about marketing campaigns. From clever clapbacks to genius product integrations, check out our top three campaigns of the year so far.  

EasyJet vs. British Airways: The Billboard Battle 

British Airways’ latest campaign, romanticising the role that a journey with British Airways can play in your life. It features British Airways passengers admiring the view out of the window of the plane. The campaign has been well-received and can be seen dominating our feeds. But EasyJet couldn’t let them fly to success that easily. Nope, they quickly reacted by sliding their billboards right next to British Airways’ and dropping the mic with a cheeky message: “Same View, Half the Price.” Talk about throwing shade in style, we’re seriously impressed. Looks like EasyJet wins this round for creativity and sass. 


Rhode’s Selfie-Ready Phone Case: Lip Gloss, Mirror, Action 

If you missed the launch of the Rhode’s lip balm phone case back in February, you must have been living under a rock. Rhode, the beauty company created by our favourite nepo baby, Hailey Bieber, took advantage of their already viral lip balms and created a phone case with a nifty space for the brand’s lip balms. Not only did they create a product that combines beauty with function, but also found a way to turn every mirror selfie into a stealthy promo opportunity. Hailey Bieber can definitely add ‘Marketing Genius’ to her growing CV.  


Cerave’s Super Bowl Collab with Michael Cera 

We all know that Super Bowl ads are some of the best in the biz, and CeraVe’s latest ad, in collaboration with Michael Cera, is just that. It all started with some paparazzi-esque photographs of Michael Cera caught with bags of CeraVe products doing the rounds online. Next were shots of him autographing CeraVe products in-store. People wondered, did he actually start it? Is he the new brand ambassador? Come Super Bowl Sunday, and we were finally given the result. A Super Bowl ad that’s equal parts bizarre and brilliant, with Michael Cera claiming to be the company’s founder in a series of spoof clips. Bravo, CeraVe, for giving us all something to talk about during halftime.  

In a world where we can often feel inundated with ads persuading us that we need the latest it-product, these brands remind us that marketing is as much about entertainment and innovation as it is about persuasion. We can’t wait to see what genius marketing moves the rest of the year brings.  

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