The power of Amelia Dimoldenberg
August 2023

By Emily Ryan

In the ever-evolving landscape of groundbreaking careers, finding inspiration from those who have successfully navigated uncharted territories is crucial.

One such social media mogul leading the way is Amelia Dimoldenberg, a journalist whose journey took an unexpected turn. Through her unique experiences and witty endeavours, she’s broken the internet. Last summer, a distinctive sound emerged, swept through TikTok, leaving an inescapable echo. The sound’s catchy rhythm and lyrics have etched themselves in the minds of anyone who encountered them. The lyrics (if you haven’t guessed already) go like this: “My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds / I’d like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure / make me wanna dribble dribble, you know / riding in my fiat, you really have to see it” and so on… (apologies for putting this sound back into your head on repeat, just when you thought you escaped it).This remix started off in an interview, with none other than Louis Theroux. This sound became the catalyst for a new wave of journalism. The mastermind behind it all? Amelia Dimoldenberg.

Dimoldenberg created a new genre of journalism with her deadpan delivery, infused with sarcasm and dry humour, and social media went wild for it. Many would say that Louis Theroux paved the way for this. Maybe that’s why this collaboration was so epic. At the heart of this lies Dimoldenberg’s genius YouTube show, Chicken Shop Date. A unique format that would serve as the launchpad to her social media ascent. Her short-form video style, along with brilliantly awkward moments, has led to many creators cutting down these meme-worthy moments and resharing to social. In turn, these snippets have led to TikTok sounds, and before you know it Louis Theroux was the greatest rapper of our generation. In a world where traditional career paths are rapidly being reshaped by the digital revolution, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s journey holds powerful insights for aspiring individuals looking to carve their niche in the online realm. Let’s delve into some of her career tips:

  1. Embrace the Unconventional – Dimoldenberg’s career trajectory serves as a testament to the power of embracing the unexpected. She fearlessly merged the worlds of journalism, entertainment and internet culture, resulting in a unique fusion that resonated with audiences across the globe. “It’s about understanding if something doesn’t do well online, it’s okay – because there will be another thing that will.” – Well said, Amelia.
  2. Harness Your Creative Vision Chicken Shop Date stands as a testament to the impact of creative innovation. Dimoldenberg’s ability to envision and execute an engaging concept, showcases the importance of nurturing and bringing your creative ideas to life.
  3. Leverage Collaboration – The collaborative effort that birthed Louis Theroux’s viral sound, underscores the potential of teamwork in the digital landscape. With collaboration, you can leverage the expertise of others, and amplify your reach and impact, leading to greater opportunities.
  4. Finding your own voice – Amelia’s signature deadpan humour and candid delivery style resonated because they were authentic to her vision her crafty persona. In an industry dominated by big-name publishers, Amelia stood her ground, turning down offers by channels to maintain full creative control. “If I was commissioned back then by a channel, there would be other people’s opinions in the mix on what I should be doing or saying,” Amelia says. “Especially as a young woman, I think it’s very easy for people to get in your head or for things to change in a way that isn’t how you want them to be presented.” – Amelia
  5. Adapt to Digital Dynamics – The convergence of Louis Theroux’s voice with online trends exemplifies the need to adapt to the dynamic nature of digital platforms. Staying attuned to emerging trends and technologies can help you stay relevant and make a lasting impact.


In conclusion, Amelia Dimoldenberg’s career journey is testament to the power of creativity, collaboration and embracing the unexpected. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to make their mark in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. So, whether you’re looking to create viral content or redefine your career path, remember to channel your unique voice, harness your creativity, and if you’ve got to make things a bit weird, go for it.

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