August Favola Five
August 2023

By Grace Collinson

Welcome to another edition of ‘The Favola Five’, where we discover all the most exciting social media innovations from the past month.

From the rebranding of Twitter to the evolution of Meta’s Threads app, and the ever-changing features on TikTok and LinkedIn. We’ve got the latest scoop on all things social media. Let’s jump right in:


1. Twitter’s Identity Shift to X

Probably one of the biggest updates we will see all year. Twitter has undergone a rebranding, embracing its new identity as ‘X’. Beyond a mere name change, the iconic bird logo that has symbolised Twitter for years, has been replaced with a minimalist ‘X’ symbol.

Although the new logo is temporary, this shift highlights a significant change in platform. X’s official statement on Twitter reads, “The vision for X has been unfolding over the last 9 months – and there is so much more on the horizon.” Users are left intrigued, anticipating further transformative changes to come.


2. Meta’s Threads App Continues to Evolve

Last month, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) unveiled Threads; its take on the microblogging trend popularized by Twitter. Threads made a splash upon its release, offering an alternative to its rival app, Twitter (now rebranded as X).

Although the initial hype and usage has decreased (-79% since Monday 7th August), Threads is far from dormant. Recent updates have introduced a game-changing ‘Share on Instagram’ feature, allowing users to seamlessly share their Threads directly to Instagram DMs.

Now, mentioning accounts in Threads is now easier than ever. This aims to enhance collaboration and engagement. As Threads develops, Meta is striving to capitalise on the app’s potential and keep users engaged. Watch this space.


3. TikTok’s Battle Against AI-Generated Content

As artificial intelligence gains prominence, platforms like TikTok are facing new challenges. To combat the rise of AI-generated content, TikTok has introduced new regulations requiring users to label AI-generated content in-app.

The goal is to prevent the spread of AI-generated deep fakes and hyper-realistic content. With the increasing accessibility of AI technology, the need for platforms to set guidelines for AI-generated content becomes paramount to maintaining trust and authenticity on social media.


4. LinkedIn Elevates Skills Highlighting for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has stepped up its game for job seekers. The latest update empowers users to spotlight their top professional skills more effectively. Users can now tag their five key skills in the ‘About’ section of their profiles, making these skills more prominent for profile visitors.

Additionally, the ‘projects’ section has been enhanced, allowing users to tag projects they’ve executed with relevant skills. This feature provides a clearer representation of an individual’s experience and proficiency, catering to the needs of both job seekers and potential employers.


5. BeReal’s Bid for Renewal:

Amid shifting tides in the social media landscape, BeReal is rising to the challenge of reviving user engagement. Addressing the wane in interest from its users, BeReal introduced the innovative ‘Friends of Friends’ feed.

This new addition enables users to expand their content reach by sharing their BeReal snaps with a broader network, cultivating deeper connections and interaction. Embodying BeReal’s commitment to genuine interactions, the ‘Friends of Friends’ feed offers users the chance to reconnect with acquaintances, embracing the platform’s core mission, while adapting to the evolving digital era.


And there you have it – this month’s top five social media innovations that have kept us talking and tweeting (or shall we say ‘Xing’). The digital world never ceases to amaze us with its constant evolution. From Meta’s Threads to TikTok’s AI disclosure, Twitter’s rebranding, and LinkedIn’s skill-centric enhancements, these innovations continue to shape the way we connect and interact

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