September Favola Five
September 2023

By Cat Gladman

Howdy and welcome back to another rendition of the Favola Five. This is where we give you an update on the top five social media updates. 

From the possible charges for all users on X to Instagram embracing AI features and TikTok not so much. We’ve got the latest scoop on all things social.  

Let’s jump right in. 

X starts charging

In true Elon fashion, the eccentric billionaire announced that X will soon start charging all users for use of the platform. This all comes as part of his plea to fight against ‘bots’ on the platform. Musk has a history of making rash statements with regards to X, so we’ll continue to monitor whether this is something that will come to fruition or whether it’s a Michael O’Leary-esque PR play. 

Instagram embraces AI

Next up is the hot topic of the moment. Instagram allows its users to embrace AI with regards to enhancing content. It’s rumoured that Instagram will launch ‘restyle’, which allows users to remix their existing photos into different styles.  

Brb, we’ll just be transforming all our selfies to look like the Mona Lisa. The company also previewed a new tool called ‘backdrop’, an AI-powered green screen feature. This will allow users to change the background of any of their photos, so no need to spend hard-earned cash on expensive holidays to make your ex jealous on Instagram.

Identified AI on TikTok 

TikTok are taking a slightly different approach to AI, by adding new labels to allow users to identify AI generated or partially generated content. This will be a compulsory setting for all users, as the platform wants to “help viewers contextualize” content and “prevent the potential spread of misleading content.”

Businesses get verified by Meta

Over at Meta, businesses are reaching new highs when it comes to verification. The platform recently announced that they would soon be offering Meta Verified, allowing businesses access to a verified badge, as well as security from false accounts, account assistance and more. The grand plan is that the verification will also cover WhatsApp in the future. Meta is currently rolling this out in selected territories, so watch this space. 

Facebook accounts for our multiple personalities

Ever find yourself wanting to post pictures from a messy night out, but remembering that your boss also follows you? Well, Facebook might have the solution for you soon. 

 Facebook has recently teased the option of creating multiple accounts within one login. This will allow users to create multiple profiles for different aspects of life. So, you can now separate those wholesome family portraits with drunken shots from last weekend’s STEN. 

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