Say Hello to Cait, Social Media Executive
June 2023

By Cat Gladman

Say hello to Cait, our new Social Media Executive.

Cait is a degree-qualified marketer with a love for all things social. She has a wealth of social media experience across the food service and wellness industries, and a passion for creating fun and engaging video content for TikTok.

With a degree (yes, another) in Food Business and Innovation, Cait is a self-proclaimed professional foodie and spends her free time trying outnew TikTok recipes, she loves @emthenutritionist for easy dinner recipes, and finding the most delicious food spots at the weekend thanks to on TikTok. For the record, she’s still obsessed with Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta recipe.

Cait loves travelling and exploring new places, hence the move to London
from her native Ireland. Top of her list to book next is island hopping in Greece! Not only that, but she’s also lived in Milano where she learned how to make a true Italian carbonara. She’s still dreaming of the best tiramisu she’s ever had from a restaurant called Pasta d’Autore so a trip back is definitely on the cards for this year! It looks like Anika has some competition for her ‘Holiday Queen of the Office’ title.


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