Meta x Ray-Ban
December 2023

By Emily Ryan

The latest social media buzz of the moment surrounds the Meta x Ray-Ban New Generation glasses and they’re really giving Black Mirror.

The sleek and innovative smart glasses have recently taken TikTok by storm, thanks to the power of social media influencers. These cutting-edge glasses are not just a fashion statement; they’re a game-changer for content creators, providing a hands-free and immersive experience.


The Meta Smart Glasses, developed in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, have made significant strides in the realm of smart eyewear. The launch at Meta Connect in September showcased the next generation of Ray-Ban’s smart glasses promising ground breaking improvements and novel features. Priced starting at $299 USD, these glasses were set to revolutionise the way we capture and share our experiences.

Let’s take a look at the features:


  1. Advanced Camera and Audio Quality

The Meta Smart Glasses boast a powerful 12 MP camera, allowing users to capture high-quality photos and 1080p videos up to 60 seconds long. The five-microphones ensure immersive audio recording, making it ideal for content creation in various environments, such as noisy or windy conditions, or even trying to capture moments on the sly (although, please always get permission before recording people with your new spy glasses. No law suits, please). The enhanced audio quality includes custom-designed speakers with extended bass and higher maximum volume, making calls, music, and podcasts clearer than ever.

  1. Hands-Free Livestreaming

One of the standout features for content creators is the ability to livestream directly from the glasses to Facebook or Instagram. This hands-free functionality allows creators to engage with their audience in real-time, with the added convenience of seeing comments in the preview or hearing them out loud, by tapping and holding on the side of the glasses. But this makes us think, could this lead to a rise in secretly filming in places where we shouldn’t? Stay tuned to @sohohousememes, as soon they’re going to be inundated with juicy content.

  1. Meta AI Integration

Ray-Ban’s Meta Smart Glasses come equipped with Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant optimized for a hands-free, on-the-go experience. By simply saying, “Hey Meta”, users can interact with Meta AI to spark creativity, obtain information, and control features using voice commands. While Meta AI features will be available in beta at the launch in the US, the integration hints at the potential for even more intuitive interactions in the future. Maybe keep your Airpods in at the same time though, so you can play it off as though you’re on the phone… and not just talking to yourself in broad daylight.

Redefining the Content Creation Experience

The redesigned glasses address user feedback, enhancing core features, while introducing new elements. Improved media quality, comfort, and streamlined controls make these smart glasses an attractive option for content creators seeking a seamless and hands-free experience. The reduction in weight, water resistance, and compatibility with prescription lenses further enhance the comfort and versatility of the Meta Smart Glasses.

The Viral Impact on TikTok.

The rapid rise of Meta x Ray-Ban’s new generation sunglasses on TikTok can be attributed to the influential backing of content creators and social media influencers. As users showcase the capabilities of these smart glasses, the viral nature of TikTok propels them into the spotlight, creating a buzz and driving interest among a broad audience. In the last week, one user created a fun video to a certain sound. The TikTok received 10.1m views . As expected,  we’ve seen countless times before, the trend spread like wildfire, with the sound being used in over 200 thousand posts and the top content featuring the glasses gaining up to 14 million views

In conclusion, Ray-Ban’s Meta Smart Glasses represent a significant leap forward in smart eyewear technology. With their advanced features, improved design, and hands-free capabilities, these glasses have the potential to redefine how we capture and share moments. As influencers continue to showcase the glasses on platforms like TikTok, we can expect a growing trend of creators embracing this innovative technology… Just watch out for the Favola team, if you see us out and about in some new shades talking to ourselves.

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