Meet Marina, Senior Social Media Executive
March 2024

By Cait McNamara

After completing her studies in Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence in Paris, Marina relocated to London last year to embark on a new career journey.

She would describe herself as social media enthusiast with a penchant for luxury fashion and a flair for creativity. With five years of experience in the social media realm, including two years of freelancing in the world of luxury fashion, she has honed my skills in creating compelling social campaigns for brands, such as Tara Harmon, Claudie Pierlot and Brut to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Proficient in content creation and adept of analysing metrics, she continuously refines approaches to maximise impact and drive results in the dynamic realm of social media marketing.

With a keen eye for detail and a heart full of passion, she continues to make her mark in the world of social media and is thrilled to be part of this new journey with Favola.

Outside of her professional pursuits, you can find her training behind her DJ deck. House and jazz music are her two favourite genres, each offering a unique blend of energy and soulfulness. It’s in music that she finds solace and inspiration, providing a sanctuary where she can unleash her creativity and recharge her spirit.

Capturing life’s precious moments through the lens of her analog cameras is another passion of Marina’s. Each click of the shutter is not just a photo – it’s a piece of her story.

Where’s the best spot to find a proper French baguette? Le Coq Epicier. And yes, she does spread Marmite on her baguette 🥖

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