Meet Cat, our new Social Media Executive
July 2022

By Cat Gladman

Introducing Cat, our new Social Media Executive/ Health and Wellness Guru. 


Cat has joined Favola itching to work with our wide range of clients, having already worked with a variety of brands and charities, ranging from luxury lifestyle to disability awareness.


She studied at the Fashion Retail Academy, where she discovered her passion for everything related to fashion and creative marketing. As a fashion aficionado she might just end up lecturing you on why ‘the Alexander McQueen trainers are simply an abomination’.


As a self-proclaimed TikTok connoisseur, Cat spends the majority of her free time scrolling her ForYou page, always on the lookout for up-and-coming trends. She will no doubt inform you that she was ‘ahead of the curve’ when it came to downloading TikTok, as she’s been a user since August 2019.


When Cat is not working you might find her browsing the aisles of her local Holland & Barret, surveying the new probiotic supplements, or huddled in bed using her creative eye to formulate yet another Pinterest board for her dream wedding, despite being chronically single – but we won’t let that stop her.

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