Skims x Lana Del Rey
January 2024

By Cait McNamara

The devil works hard, but Kim Kardashian works harder. Last week, Skims announced their 2024 Valentines campaign in collaboration with the heartbreak queen herself, Lana Del Rey, and it couldn’t have gone better. 


Going viral for all the right reasons 

Shot by British photographer, Nadia Lee Cohen, the campaign images immediately went viral, oozing old Hollywood glamour fused with James Bond femme fatale. Complete with head-to-toe pastels, silk gloves, lace veils and bows galore, the campaign shoot seamlessly integrated the ‘coquette’ trend that is currently taking TikTok by storm, showcasing their ability to balance trends and brand image to create a viral moment.   

The campaign also coincidently (or more likely, strategically) lined up with the announcement that Lana Del Rey will be headlining Coachella later this year and with her five Grammy nominations, Lana is cementing herself as a titan in the music industry and pop culture. 


A lesson in collaborations 

Known for her cinematic, vintage-tinged world-building, Lana Del Rey’s heartbreak queen aesthetic was, yet another, perfect collaboration from Skims, who are quickly establishing themselves as trendsetters in the world of social-first collaboration. Since its launch in 2019, the company has experienced mega-growth thanks to its killer social-first strategy focusing heavily on creators and collaborations to encourage organic UGC content. 

Previous collaborations include SZA, Fendi, Swarovski and even the NBA. In October last year, Skims officially launched its mens underwear line, modelled by a whole host of sports stars, and, just one week later, announced their collaboration with the NBA. Being named their official underwear partner was a game-changing partnership for the brand, launching them into an even higher stratosphere of success.   

Kim and her team obviously know exactly how to leverage influencers and partnerships to their advantage and we can’t wait to see what other collaborations they have in store for 2024. 

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