Lottie Langley- Social Media Executive
April 2022

By Alex Jeater

Say hello to the newest member of Team Favola, our Social Media Executive, Lottie. 


Lottie graduated from The University of The West of England with a MSC in marketing before discovering her love for all things social. Lottie has two personal Instagram accounts, one for sharing her fitness and lifestyle journey and another just for uplifting quotes.


Lottie dabbled in merchandising for two years (she’s an Excel lover) but she’s now back working in what she loves, socials. 


Outside of work, Lottie is something of a gym-buff, and her goal is to get as strong as possible. As a teen, you’d find Lottie in the pool, where she competed in synchronised swimming at a national level (and no, they don’t touch the bottom). 


Now Lottie’s back on dry land, you’ll find her spending the weekends enjoying a bottomless brunch or on a long walk with her English bulldog, Roy. Naturally, Roy has his own Instagram that Lottie also runs (@royslife_). 


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