Marketing lessons from the Barbie movie
August 2023

By Emily Ryan

This summer’s biggest hit? The Barbie Movie marketing team.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which was released last week, has truly taken the world by storm this summer with its genius marketing campaign. The last few months have seen Barbie’s marketing team painting the world pink with a frenzy of hype-inducing sneak peaks, brand collaborations and of course, the many Barbenheimer memes.


This Barbie knows how to build hype.

The Barbie Movie began building anticipation all the way back in June 2022, when we got the first paparazzi photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken in Venice Beach. The real campaign, however, began in April with the release of the Barbie character posters as well as a generator for the audience to create their own. 


Trailers and teasers, sneak previews and exclusive content, like the Barbie dreamhouse tour with Architectural Digest, ramped up in June and created huge hype around the film.


This Barbie loves brand partnerships.

This summer’s Barbie Collaborations have been huge, with every brand wanting to hop on the Barbie bandwagon. From Balmain to Zara and even Crocs, collaborations ranged from clothing and luggage all the way to a pink Xbox and Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse AirBnB.


This Barbie knows consistency is key.

Brand consistency and leveraging Barbie’s iconic brand status has been key to the movie’s marketing success. Barbie is truly one of the strongest brands in the world, being recognisable by just the iconic Barbie pink. Barbie’s marketing team has embraced trends such as the 90s and Y2K trends of the moment, while maintaining a consistency in brand voice that is nostalgic for the audience.


Barbie’s marketing has been nothing short of a stroke of genius, we’re sure it will be revered as a lesson in great brand marketing for years to come.

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