Harnessing the Power of TikTok for New Build Homes
June 2023

By Jennifer Green

On Tuesday 27th June, get ready for the collaboration event of the summer. On the day, Favola and TikTok will be teaming up to deliver an exclusive one-hour event where we spill the tea on how to market new build homes on the renowned social platform. Let’s take a look at the agenda…


Part 1: Why TikTok?


Our guest speaker from TikTok, Ellie, will be explaining the significance of TikTok and its meteoric rise in popularity. This session will provide a comprehensive understanding of TikTok’s unique features and its impact on popular culture. Ellie will highlight the platform’s qualitative influence, showcasing how TikTok has become a hub for creative expression and entertainment.


Ellie will conduct a deep dive into the demographics, shedding light on key user groups and their engagement with new build property searches to establish the relevance of TikTok for the UK market. By analysing popular hashtags, follower demographics and user behaviour, the session will emphasise the platform’s potential to engage not just first-time buyers, but also a wider audience.


By this point, we’ll just be getting started. The session will then highlight the importance of search functionality and its connection to new build homes, interiors, local areas and neighbourhoods. The session will also offer content tips, emphasising interactive features, staying on-trend and leveraging the platform’s creators to develop native content that resonates with the TikTok community.



Part 2: Marketing New Build Homes on TikTok


This is when we come in. Team Favola will take to the stage to present our creative approach to marketing new build homes on TikTok. With a focus on captivating content, this session will explore various themes that can effectively showcase the unique features and benefits of new build properties. Guests will gain practical tips and tricks on leveraging trends, incorporating music, creating compelling hooks, community management, and how Pedro Pascal CapCuts will become your best friend. The session will also feature paid and creator case studies, showcasing successful campaigns and their outcomes.



Part 3: Working with Creators


This moves us nicely on to Part Three. In this session we talk influencers, the importance of creators on TikTok and why collaborating with them can be a game-changer for campaign performance. We’ll discuss best practices for working with creators and explore effective strategies to harness their creativity and reach a broader audience. The session will also, of course, provide example ideas specifically tailored for new build homes, accompanied by a compelling case study that demonstrates the tangible benefits of creator collaborations.



The After Party:


After consuming all that expert knowledge, guests can connect over drinks and nibbles (fear not, if you follow us on Instagram, the spread won’t feature any of our ‘shame lunches’). After this, we’ll keep the good vibes going and head across the street to The Gas Station and celebrate the success of our first event.


Email us at [email protected] today to secure your place

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