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Introducing Favola
April 2020

By Sophie Haugen

Welcome to Favola, our brand new identity and website. Same us, new look.

After five whirlwind years in the social stratosphere, we wanted our brand to truly reflect our identity. From tip to toe, our entire aesthetic has been designed to be bold and bright to mirror our characteristics, values, and focus on telling impactful stories that stand out on the screen.

à – vo – la

Favola is the Italian word for fable, a children’s story or a fairy tale – a name which reflects our mission to tell brand stories that engage.

Our colour palette is a big party of vibrant colours; Verde, Arancione, Rosa, Blu, Giallo and Pesca. Our Creative Director and Founder might just have Italian blood (ciao, Sophia).

Our new design also incorporates patterns and shapes that represent Favola’s storytelling meaning. The overall look and feel works with movement to create a natural flow, embodying how stories – or fables – build and develop.

Interested in our approach?

At our core, we are collaborative, client-centred and naturally sociable. From strategy to content creation, community management to advertising and influencers, we cover everything that touches social media. We are enthusiastic at telling brand stories across all platforms and sectors.

If you’re curious to learn more, email us at [email protected], show us some love by following @favolaagency on Instagram and Twitter or head to our LinkedIn profile.

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