International Women’s Day
March 2023

By Emily Ryan

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe and to highlight the ongoing fight for gender equality. At Favola, we are proud to honour the women who have broken barriers and paved the way for others to follow.

As we reflect on the incredible women who have made significant contributions to their fields and society, we are particularly inspired by those who have risen to leadership positions. From politics to business, leisure to the arts, women leaders have shown us that anything is possible with determination, hard work, creativity and resilience.

Millie’s choice – Grace Beverley

“Is there anything this woman can’t do? The CEO of two huge global brands (sustainable activewear and female fitness app / supplements), podcast host (focussing on women in business), #1 best-selling author, social media influencer, all by the time she’s hit 26! She’s always sharing her tips on how to become best business savvy version of yourself, but she always keeps it real. Grace is so relatable and likeable for women my age – she shows that you really can do and have it all if you work hard, champion other women, make time for yourself and your social life, care about the planet and how your business affects the environment and people. love love love her – she’s also funny af”

Lottie’s Choice – Nicola Langley

“I couldn’t not choose my mum as the woman in leadership that inspires me. Winner of the Inspiring Women Award Badge in 2019, Nicola Langley is an advocate for the success of women in business and is who I look up to for inspiration and advice. Currently working as the Head of Customer Experience for Group Lotus, she’s making her mark in the male heavy industry.”

Sophie’s choice – Jenn McGarrigle,

“I’m inspired and empowered by my friend, Jenn McGarrigle, Co-Founder and CEO of CYDConnects – a women led sustainability consultancy on a mission to inspire positive change”

Emily’s choice – Rihanna

“Rihanna inspires me because of the way she uses her creative talent to become a disruptor in whatever industry she chooses to pursue. The music artist/business owner has been a key player in the push to change societal beauty standards. Rhianna is driven by the want to make every woman feel beautiful and powerful and has created an empire through doing so. Plus, she performed at the Super Bowl, pregnant. I mean, it doesn’t get more girl boss than that.”

Jonas’ choice – Luiza Trajano

“Luiza Trajano is a Brazilian billionaire businesswoman who was also listed as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people. Under her management, her parents retail store, Luiza, became a chain of over 1,000 stores, across 18 Brazilian states with over 18 million clients and 27,000 employees. Trajano is the chairperson Grupo Mulheres do Brasil (Women of Brazil), founded in 2013 by 40 Brazilian women entrepreneurs. The organisation is dedicated to promoting equal rights, work, safety, health and education for all.”

Cat’s choice – Diana

“A woman who inspires me is Diana, I think the way she handled the press and being a royal in general was incredible, and the way her legacy lives on is admirable.”

Sophia’s choice – Mary Portas

“Dynamic, innovative and ever the maverick, Mary Portas is a woman dedicated to encouraging behavioural change in the most accessible, informed and energising way. Whether it’s changing the way we shop (her CV includes changing the fortunes of Harvey Nicholls, launching Mary’s Living and Giving Shops in aid of Save the Children and founding Portas, the retail consultancy and creative agency, to name but a few) or the way we behave in the workplace with her manifesto, Work Like A Woman, Mary is a true trailblazer.”

As a predominantly female team at Favola, we are committed to empowering women, by amplifying our voices through our platform and continuing to support the career progression of our ever-growing team. Let’s continue to strive towards a world where women have equal opportunities, representation, and respect. Happy International Women’s Day.

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