From Viral Videos to Emmy Gold
May 2024

By Cait McNamara

In a plot twist worthy of its own Emmy, the iconic Emmy awards are now within reach for YouTube creators. Yes, you heard that right, the glitz and glamour of Emmy Awards aren’t just for television kings and queens anymore. Now, our beloved YouTube sensations won’t just be interviewing on the red carpet, but they’ll also have a chance at bringing one of those coveted awards home. 


The Nominees 

While the nominees have yet to be announced, it was revealed this week that YouTube creators such as Hot Ones and Chicken Shop Date are eligible for nomination this year. And it’s no surprise, as these shows have racked up millions of views online, have become a cultural moment and added to the celebrity interview category, in a unique and creative way.  

Not every YouTube video will be eligible, of course. Per the Academy website, new categories have been added which include: 

  • Best short-form original series comedy or drama 
  • Best short-form original series reality or nonfiction 
  • Best acting performance (male and female) in a short-form original series 

According to the Academy, short-form original series needs to include at least six episodes, which are 15 minutes or less in length. 


Implications for Social Media Stardom 

So, what does this mean for the world of social media? Well, for starters, it’s great validation, finally an acknowledgment that YouTube isn’t just for home vlogs and cringey challenges. This move from the Emmys tells the world that quality content, no matter where it comes from, deserves recognition. 

YouTube creators have long been the underdogs in the realm of entertainment, but this recognition shatters that idea. It signals a new era where traditional and new media can coexist, and where internet personalities can stand shoulder to shoulder with Hollywood stars. 

This move truly shows that the essence of storytelling transcends the platform that it’s on and that content is king. Whether it’s a highly produced TV show or a YouTube series filmed in someone’s garage, if it resonates with the audience, it’s worthy of praise.  

It also signals that traditional networks and production houses may need to up their game in coming years. With the Emmys opening their doors to digital creators, the competition is now fiercer than ever.  


The Road Ahead 

The inclusion of YouTube creators in the Emmy race is a huge step in the landscape of online entertainment and signifies a blurring of lines between digital and traditional media. We just can’t wait to see who will get those nominations. 

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