February Favola Five 
March 2024

By Cait McNamara


Welcome back to the Favola Five, where we share the top five hottest updates in the ever-changing realm of social media. This month’s edition is jam-packed full of updates from Instagram, Pinterest and X, so let’s jump right in.  


Instagram tests new updates 

This month, Instagram has been testing a range of exciting updates. On Stories, they’re testing an AI ‘Backdrop’ sticker, which enables you to replace the background of any image. There’s also a ‘Get Orders’ sticker that allows brands to create an in-stream product, which can be attached to a Story to drive in-app purchases. 

Not only that, but they have also been testing live stream games. Some creators now have the option to play either, ‘This or That’, a question and answer prompt that you can share with your viewers, or ‘Trivia’, which generates more engagement within your IG livestreams. It’ll be interesting to see if this update encourages more users to livestream on the platform.  


Pinterest highlights key colour trends for 2024 

This month, Pinterest has launched a new ‘Pinterest Palette’, featuring trending colours. 

​Based on their Pinterest Predicts research, Pinterest has identified five key colour palettes that will resonate with audiences this year: 

– Gummy Pink 

– Desert Orange 

– Aqua Blue 

– Moss Green 

– Mocha Brown 

For each colour, Pinterest has provided a handy overview chart, showcasing how it’s been used on Pins, including key product examples and search terms. A great one to keep in mind when creating content across any platform. Make sure to view the full report on their website 


Meta plans announces next Gen AR glasses 

It’s no secret that AR glasses are going to be the next must-have accessory. Hype around Apple’s Vision Pro glasses have sparked more and more interest in AR.  

Meta has been working on their AR glasses for several years and is now looking to take it to the next level. Reports say that they will unveil their next-gen AR glasses prototype later this year. We can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.  


Meta Rolls Out New ‘Meta Verified’ Comment Filtering on Instagram​ 

More news from Meta. They have officially rolled out a new ‘Meta Verified’ comment filtering function on Instagram. Presumably a method of encouraging users to pay for Meta verification, this function will allow users to prioritise engagement from brands, celebrities, influencers, as well as those who have paid for verification in the app. 

We’ll just be using it to see Taylor’s comments on Travis Kelce’s posts, thank you.  


X continues to build out its video content slate 

Lastly, we have some interesting updates from X, as they continue to develop and push video content on the app. In order to build on its video content slate, X has announced various new content partnerships to on video. Its latest being a new deal with The Big 3, the three-on-three basketball league for retired NBA players. 

They have also added a handy update allowing users to choose the quality of the video playback in-stream, providing more ways to customise the video viewing experience. 


Stay tuned for the next Favola Five to stay in the know with the latest and greatest (or not so great) in social media updates.  





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