Favola Five: October Updates
October 2022

By Cat Gladman

Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and this month has certainly been testament to that. From Twitter’s new post-publish editing feature to TikTok’s new ‘TikTok Now’ feature, platforms just keep dropping those new and exciting features in an attempt to keep users engaged. Find our round-up of the top five social media innovations below.


Twitter eradicates spelling mistakes

After months of speculation, Twitter has finally answered our prayers and is rolling out a feature that allows users to edit tweets after posting. In these early stages of the feature, which is currently only accessible to Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, users must make the changes within 30 mins of posting and can only edit a tweet up to five times. Either way this should mean no more embarrassing spelling mistakes or hashtags that just don’t quite look right, #susanalbumparty.


LinkedIn is listening in

The world of podcasts and audio-only content is a growing interest, in fact, the global online events market is projected to grow from $78 billion to $774 billion over the next decade. Many platforms are looking for ways to tap-into this market and LinkedIn is amongst them. With its recent launch of LinkedIn Audio Events, an audio-only event format, LinkedIn users can host virtual events between 15 minutes and three hours long. The experience is not dissimilar to Twitter Spaces, in that participants can join events, listen to speakers and even chime in if they have any thoughts on the topic.


Instagram wants to link up

We are all familiar with the phrase “link in bio”, used to get around Instagram’s current lack of functionality when it comes to adding links to captions. Often the link featured in creators’ and brands’ bios is a multi-purpose link allowing users to provide multiple links in one, relating to various posts on their pages. Sorry Lnk.bio, but Instagram might be about to put an end to all of this. The app has recently revealed the expanded testing of a feature allowing users to add multiple links to their bios from inside the app, reducing the need for third parties.

TikTok is being real

And the copy-cat killer strikes again, although this time Instagram is not the culprit. This month TikTok announced its recent testing for a feature called TikTok Now, feel familiar? Not yet? Just keep reading. The feature will prompt users at a random time of day to capture a 10-second video or a static photo, may we add, using both the front and back camera. Still not ringing a bell? Well, the notification will read “⚡️ Time to Now ⚡️” much like, I don’t know, Bereal’s notification that reads “⚠️T IME TO BEREAL ⚠️”. We wonder who the next victim of the copy-cat killer will be…


Instagram gets re-sharing

Sometimes your friends share a post that hits so hard that you feel the urge to share with everyone on the planet. Well, Instagram will hopefully have a feature for that very soon. The app announced this month that it’s beta testing for a re-share option, allowing users to share their favourite content with their own followings. As part of the feature a new ‘re-shared’ tab will appear on users’ profiles alongside Reels and tagged photos.

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