Favola Five: June Innovations
June 2022

By Tamsin Sacks

Something Looks ‘Reely’ Familiar Here…

After a series of advances to make the IG feed focus more on videos, Instagram has added another new feature; someone can now reply to a comment on a Reel as a new Reel video; a feature taken from its main competitor, TikTok.

As Reels continues to become a more prominent part of the Instagram infrastructure AND it continues to look more and more like TikTok, we’re wondering what Instagram’s USP is right now, and what the future holds for the platform.

TikTok’s Top Tips

June is Internet Safety Awareness Month and TikTok has shared its top tips to be cyber safe. From 2-factor verification to keeping updated with the latest software, TikTok has you covered. These include: 

  • Surf smart – always use strong passwords and 2 step verification, and be careful when using unsecured public Wi-Fi. 
  • Keep it in the family – customise your online TikTok experience with the platform’s user friendly safety and privacy controls.
  • Catch the right fish – avoid opening, downloading and clicking on links from unrecognised senders to avoid phishing.
  • Leave no trace – always keep devices updated with the latest software and when selling or trading devices, always erase all content to keep private information private.

Meta’s Metamorphosis

As Meta’s incarnation of the Metaverse makes its journey from caterpillar to butterfly, we’re being kept updated with what we can expect. The Metaverse as a whole can seem a little daunting, even for the tech savvy. A new study put together by The Analysis Group, and supported by Meta, suggests we shouldn’t expect to be pivoting into this new digital universe just yet.  

The future of the platform is dependent on if and when the adoption of the concept is taken on by the wider public and that means access to the relevant tech gear such as VR headsets and AR glasses that will allow the platform to be experienced at its best. 

Think about the way in which mobile technology combined existing technologies such as cameras and MP3 players; Meta wants to create a platform where existing and developing tech such as digital currency, avatars and gaming can be combined into one place. Watch this space.

LinkedIn Laughs

You heard it here first, a funny/laughing face reaction is coming to LinkedIn. In recent months, LinkedIn has gained more traction from younger audiences and branching out of the robust corporate world. After the rollout of the ‘support’ reaction in 2020, the funny reaction has been highly requested and it seems LinkedIn is listening. It comes after funny campaigns from large businesses such as Specsavers and Aldi have really taken off on the platform. This has sparked debate about how LinkedIn is becoming ‘less professional’, but even the professional world needs a sense of humour, right?

Twitter Tackles The Truth

The spread of misinformation on social media is a prevalent issue, with much of this occurring on Twitter. As a platform that people come to for news and to find resources during times of crisis such as war and natural disasters, it’s essential that the information being given is reliable. So Twitter is committing to implementing a new policy that will hinder the acceleration and spread of misinformation in times of crisis. As a platform that encourages free speech, Twitter will not automatically be removing harmful content, but will instead add a warning notice that people can click through if they wish to consume the content.


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