Are we over BeingReal?
March 2024

By Cait McNamara

Since its peak, BeReal’s active daily users has dropped significantly from 70 million in September 2022, to flatlining at 25 million as of January 2024. So, are we over Being Real?  

Back in 2020, BeReal burst onto the scene, founded by two French entrepreneurs who positioned it as the ultimate ‘anti-Instagram’ app. Its mission was clear: to provide users with a platform free from filters, followers and likes. The concept was simple yet enticing, post a photo within a two-minute window every day, whether you’re at work, out and about, or still in bed. 

Gen Z embraced BeReal wholeheartedly, craving an escape from Instagram’s polished highlight reel. Some brands hopped on the bandwagon, like Chipotle and E.L.F Beauty, who gave their followers an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at photo shoots and product drops. E.L.F even promised their best-selling Holy Hydration 5-piece skincare kit to the first 150 people to follow them on the app, via a post with a promo code. 


While BeReal initially experienced rapid growth, it slowed down once users realised that fundamentally there was only one feature (and they got bored of seeing the same laptop or tv screen every day). Despite efforts to inject freshness through updates like RealPeople and RealBrands, featuring celebrity and brand content, engagement failed to soar. Let’s be real – we might (occasionally) enjoy seeing what Niall Horan’s been up to on tour, but we’re not too interested in what Southwest Airlines gets up to on a daily basis. Even with recent additions like chat and close friends features, BeReal is struggling to shake off the reputation of being a one-trick pony. 

Despite its challenges, some users still cling to BeReal, appreciating its ad-free environment and daily dose of friend updates. However, reports of dwindling funding from Social Media Today only add to the uncertainty surrounding the app’s future. 


So, where does BeReal go from here? Only time will tell. As social media lovers, we’re keeping a close eye on BeReal’s next move, curious to see if it can overcome these challenges and remind us why we loved it in the first place.  

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