TikTok Remake: Nostalgia Takover
August 2021

By Imogen Cooper

TV Ads; some are genius, others you subconsciously know all the words to (yes, Compare The Market, we’re looking at you) and some are just plain annoying *cue Go Compare man obnoxiously singing opera*. However, TikTok is now offering creators the chance to reinvent and recreate their favourite classic TV adverts.


TikTok launched the new campaign called Re:Make last week, which gives users the opportunity to remake various classic TV ad campaigns (hence the name), as a way to  showcase user creativity and highlight the different ways in which the platform can be utilised.


As explained by TikTok:


“Re:Make is a celebration of the iconic advertising campaigns that have shaped the industry and influenced culture – while also showcasing how TikTok has provided an entirely new way to captivate and persuade audiences.”


They have partnered with a few select brands from Skittles, Old Spice and Snickers, with more brands yet to be added, and creative agencies to reframe, reimagine and remake some of the greatest advertising stories as short TikTok videos.


The campaign has so far racked up an impressive 71.2 million views across the #TikTokReMake hashtag, with top influencers from @kallmekris to @charlottelooks taking part in the challenge. And with more brands set to join, it seems this campaign will only grow in popularity.


Here are some of our favourites so far:


Skittles – #SkittlesTouch


Creators have recreated the iconic Touch campaign, which sees them take on superpowers by which everything they touch turns into the rainbow (skittles-style, of course). We love these examples by beauty guru @charlottelooks who created an inspired make up look, as well as @pierson who zapped technology into skittles.

Old Spice – #OldSpiceCaptain


Coining the iconic “Meet the new man your man could smell like” phrase from the original TV ad, Old Spice have worked with creators to recreate the ad for their Old Spice Captain, and the results are incredibly impressive.

Snickers – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry


Better? Better. A TV campaign that is unforgettable, Snickers challenged TikTok creator @rosssmith to remake their classic transformation ad, featuring his Nan, and it didn’t fail to provide a hilarious outcome.



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