TikTok On The Clock
October 2021

By Jennifer Green

Make yourselves comfortable, because there’s a lot to take in here.

Last week, TikTok held its first ever TikTok World showcase event. The global video app shared a range of new functions designed to help brands make the most of the platform. The event also painted a clearer picture of how TikTok will monetise its now billion-plus audience, and help creators earn money for their efforts.

There were a plethora of new features announced. Here’s a low down of the key features, so grab a warm beverage, and let’s get started. 

  • Brand/Creator Partnerships

Brand and /creator partnerships are key to maximising your brand’s performance. The video-sharing channel are launching an updated version of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace brand and Creator Connection platform, which enables brands to search for sector-specific influencers who are open to working on business promotions.

The new version of Creator Marketplace includes an increase in performance insights, and improved sorting tools, to help find the perfect influencer for each project.

Brands using Creator Marketplace will now also have the opportunity to oversee elements of the creative process, as well as monitor real-time campaign performance through the app. This will help your brand keep better track of influencer campaign efforts, and maximise your ROI. 

Another new feature is TikTok’s ‘Open Application Campaigns’, which will enable brands to list their campaigns as opportunities for interested creators to apply. When brands list an Open Application campaign, creators will then be able to apply to the pitch. Shortlists are then presented in-stream, displaying audience reach metrics along with sample clips, creating a proactive approach to Creator outreach. 

Complementing the Creator Marketplace updates, TikTok is also launching a new initiative called ‘The TikTok Creative Exchange’, a self-serve portal that pairs your brand with vetted creative service providers to help us produce high-performing ads, best suited to your brief and objectives. 

  • Creative Centre

Through the Creative Center, brands will be able to explore a showcase of the top-performing ads, gain insight into the latest platform trends, and search through TikTok’s audio library to help inspire their creative process. This can be an excellent way to identify key trends, and inform your own brand’s approach.

Assisting this, TikTok is also launching a new, dedicated video editor, which will help guide brands through the creation process, including visual editing tools and copyrighted music. Plus, TikTok ar partnering with Vimeo Create to provide new video templates and tools to streamline content creation direct directlyfrom the app.

The final new creation feature is a tool called ‘Dynamic Scene’, which will break your videos into multiple scenes, making it more accessible to TikTok audiences and formats. 


  • TikTok Shopping 

eCommerce is predicted to provid the platform with the most significant growth, and has featured frequently in the latest company annoucements.

Additionally, TikTok is developing new product links within video clips. They will achieve this by displaying a link to one or more items from a catalogue in any videos containing those products. Users who view the video will be able to explore featured products easily without leaving the app. Product links are a fantastic tool for businesses to tap into the excitement of the For You page, where users are primed for new discoveries.

For eCommerce brands that don’t have ad creation expertise, TikTok is also developing a new option called Dynamic Showcase Ads, which will enable brands to automatically promote their products, with ads aligned to specific user preferences and interests.


  • Reach and Frequency

Finally, TikTok will be adding Reach and Frequency ad buying, designed to help maximise brand awareness and reach, while also forging new partnerships with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Zefr to provide more assurance on ad placement and performance.

Are you looking to launch on TikTok, but aren’t sure where to start? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help. 





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