Top Social Media Trends in 2021
December 2021

By Heather-Jade Stanley

Congratulations. You’ve almost made it to the end of 2021. Despite a difficult year of Covid-19, WFH and learning how to socialise again, we’ve been entertained by some stand-out memes. Here’s a round-up of our favourites.

Shocking truths were revealed by the red flag trend

Red flags *everywhere*

When Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp went down and people lost their minds

Extreme levels of smugness radiated from Twitter users.

Kim Kardashian’s infamous Met Gala 2021 outfit

So. Many. Meme. Possibilities. 

Couch guy… oh how we cringed

Rather than going viral as a romantic reunion, this video became famous for all the wrong reasons.

Reading your horoscope was replaced by Noodles the pug

If he eats his bone, it’s gonna be a good day. But a #NoBonesDay is going to be a terrible one.

The inexplicable popularity of the Sea Shanty lads
Soon may the wellerman come… to buy some looser jeans?

And finally, the one who started it all: Bernie Sanders and his mittens
Stealing the limelight from POTUS with his indifference and penchant for handmade knitted goods (before Tom Daly made them cool).

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