The Rise of Insta Live
May 2020

By Sophie Haugen


As we continue to adapt to the COVID climate, it seems we are all on the hunt for one key thing: something to do. Bored are we of House Party and the Zoom quiz; we need MORE. It’s an insatiable appetite that can only be fed by one champion up to the challenge: Instagram Live.


For anyone living under a rock or rebelling against social media (it will get you eventually) – Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram Stories that allows users to stream video to followers and engage with them in real time.


In search of stimulation, and to ensure we don’t go bat-shit crazy, we have collectively turned to our social platforms for unconventional resources. From cooking up an Insta-storm with @MassimoBottura, to YouTube raving with Martin Garrix, we are clearly craving a connection to the wider community.


For many businesses, social media is currently the solo method of marketing. Not only that, non-e-commerce businesses who normally provide a face-to-face service are having to turn online. Take Barry’s Bootcamp and their 100K monthly FitFam members. With all the banana bread we’re baking, we need exercise inspiration from somewhere; praise goes to their daily Insta Lives keeping us in the same size jeans. Correction: joggers.


And it’s not just Instagram… we have now been successfully conditioned one Live stream at a time to digest longer and longer content. Short-form is not so hot any more as we see a demographic turn to the new era of long-form content, with IGTV, YouTube and Facebook Live (with it’s Zoom connections) the go to destinations.


So: cost-effective, real-time engagement, potential lead generation and the ability to save and share streamed videos – what is there to lose? Don’t be a scaredy-cat – get on out there, digitally speaking, and go Live.


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