5 Social Media Stats from Lockdown
June 2020

By Alex Jeater


  1. Global social media usage has grown, on average, 47% in lockdown. With more people at home and plenty of time on their hands, this is of little surprise. In the UK specifically, the same report from Hootsuite found that social media usage is up 38%, mirroring a similar finding by Kantar.


  1. Women have increased their social media activity more than men. According to Hootsuite, across every age group, women have increased their use of social media more than men, with the biggest growth (for both genders) in the 16-24 age group.


  1. TikTok daily usage by children in March and April 2020 was nearly equal with YouTube. According to Qustodio, kids aged 4-15 in the UK spent 81 minutes on TikTok per day, versus 83 minutes per day on YouTube. Both platforms have increased their average viewing time among younger audiences significantly during lockdown, but it’s striking to see just how valued TikTok has become by those under 15, making it a genuine rival to YouTube. A similar trend is also evident in the US and Spain.


  1. TikTok was downloaded 315mn times in Q1 2020. According to SensorTower, the video App has now been downloaded over 2bn times in total. Combined with its incredible daily viewing figures that rival YouTube, it’s safe to say that TikTok has been THE social media platform of lockdown.


  1. Direct messaging across Facebook’s suite of Apps grew 50% at the start of lockdown. Across Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp combined, it’s apparent that the more people are distanced, the more they love to chat via DM. Similarly, in March, Facebook also announced that group calls across its platforms were up by more than 1,000%(according to App Annie, Zoom was the 6th most downloaded App in the same month).

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