Staying Social in Anti-Social Times
May 2020

By Natasha Michelmore


Like many businesses, we’ve been working from home since early March. Our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically in the face of Coronavirus and we’ve all had to quickly adapt to a new normal.

Operationally we have always been well-equipped to work from home and are flexible as a company in regards to working environments. But this isn’t your bog-standard work from home day…this is working from home amidst the largest global pandemic our generation has ever seen.


A strong company culture is paramount to surviving and thriving in this new normal and as we all continue to adapt to the COVID climate, we will keep searching for new ways to keep our very sociable company culture alive virtually. Here’s what we’ve done so far…


Communication is Key


Our daily team check ins haven’t gone anywhere; in fact, we now check in with one another even more than before. Ensuring all catch ups happen with video-on via Zoom helps to improve communication and has allowed us to collaborate even more effectively.


Get More From Less


Unable to venture out on photoshoots and some filming projects, we’ve learnt the art of getting more from less. We’ve been challenged to find new creative ways to repurpose old content, as well as use our home tool kits to create new, engaging content.


Focus on Wellbeing


Everyone is being affected by this pandemic in different ways and leading with empathy is essential. Transparency has been key in helping everyone stay sane, as well as active encouragement to get out, stretch our legs and breathe in the fresh air.  We’re not quite at group Yoga / Barry’s sessions, but we like to think everyone is free to take a break for the sake of their sanity.


Sense of Community


As naturally sociable beings, we wanted to ensure we kept the fun in our usually social days. From the weekly Zoom quiz (of course) to our daily non-work-related catch ups and surprise gifts, the pandemic has strengthened our sense of community and team spirit.


Education, Education, Education


With social media usage growing considerably in the pandemic, its true to say that we’ve been as busy as ever. However, less travel time and fewer face to face client meetings have meant that we’ve all had a bit of spare time to learn something new, and share that with others in the team. Whether that’s a Facebook Blueprint module to finish, a new tool to master and swap notes about (hello Adobe Spark), or a communal TikTok webinar to attend – we’ve all been trying our best to add a new string to our bow and share our knowledge.

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