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Social Media Platforms in 2019
November 2019

By Natasha Michelmore

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; if you’re a marketer, you’ll be using at least one of these platforms to promote your product or service and grow your business.

However, new challenger platforms are introduced all the time, and while the top dogs have barely noticed the competitive impact of most, there are three alternate social media platforms which are taking 2019 by storm:



Previously known as Music.ly, TikTok is a video sharing platform that allows users to post 15-second looping vertical videos in various categories, such as music, cooking, fashion and more. The app was launched in 2017 and has grown expeditiously, now boasting one billion monthly active users. Dubbed as “the Instagram for the mobile video age”, TikTok is especially popular with Gen Z, with 41% of users between 16 and 24 years.

How are brands using TikTok?

Advertising on TikTok comes in the form of biddable ads, brand takeovers, branded lenses, influencer marketing campaigns, and more.




Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers. Through the platform, users can live record themselves while playing video games, as well as connect with other players from around the world in chatrooms and via direct message. First launched in 2011 and purchased by Amazon in 2014, Twitch now has an average of 15 million daily active users. This number is heavily skewered towards young males, with 81.5% of Twitch users male and 55% aged 18-24.

How are brands using Twitch?

As well as biddable ads, brands are utilising Twitch through content partnerships, collaborating with popular Twitch streamers, and engaging with Twitch communities.



A social selling platform, Depop is what you get when you combine eBay with Instagram. Users are able to post and sell items to their followers through the platform feed, as well as through third-party app feeds. Since launching in 2011, the platform has soared in popularity and has now reached more than 15 million users in 147 countries. Similarly to TikTok and Twitch, the platform is primarily aimed at Gen Z customers, with 90% of active users aged under 26.

How are brands using Depop?

Stating the obvious, brands are using the platform to sell. You’ll find a whole range of independent sellers utilising the Instagram-esque platform and showcasing their brand.

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