Social Media Innovations – June 2020
June 2020

By Anika Keys


The biggest update this month is from Twitter, who has launched a new feature to add 140-second audio clips to tweets. With a new ‘wavelength’ icon, you can record your audio and automatically create threads for longer monologues.

While it is currently only available to a limited number of IOS-users, it is likely to be rolled out in the coming months.



With the number of Facebook Live streams significantly up during lockdown, Facebook has taken this opportunity to roll out a number of new features to help liven them up. The new dedicated ‘Graphics’ tab allows users to add graphic overlays onto a stream, while it’s also now possible to highlight viewer comments in real-time and run polls throughout the Live event. The final new feature is the ability to add a ‘Feature link’, which can link to a company website – ideal for direct traffic and potential leads.



Following on from last month’s introduction of the ‘Shops’ feature, Instagram is also testing out shopping tags in captions. This expansion on the shopping feature allows users to add product tags in their post captions, which, when tapped, take you through to a shoppable product page.

This feature will make it easier for brands to showcase products through clickable links, as well as the additional image tag. 

Instagram is also celebrating International Pride Month with new stickers, hashtags and AR-effects. The new rainbow-coloured hashtags and gradient rings for Stories are all available along with Pride-themed AR effects.



LinkedIn has recently jumped on the ‘stories’ bandwagon. While currently accessible in Australia, stories are available for 24-hours and able to be in video or photo format with stickers and text. As LinkedIn remains a professional channel, LinkedIn suggest using stories to discuss things you do at work, behind the scenes, productivity tips and relevant industry trends.

The new stories feature taps into the demand for visual content and offers a convenient way to share updates.

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