Social Media Innovations: Jun. 2019
July 2019

By Alex Jeater

Instagram lets brands turn influencer posts into ads

We start with arguably the biggest news of the month – the announcement that Instagram is now allowing brands to turn influencer posts created for them, into adverts.

Businesses will be able to create the “branded content ads” using Instagram’s paid partnership tool.

The new feature will allow influencer content to reach a new, wider audience, outside the influencer’s own reach – which should be beneficial to both influencer and the brand in question.

Uptake so far has been slow, probably as influencers re-negotiate their fees, however we expect to see a substantial level of partnership posts in the future, as brands look to maximise the return on their influencer activity.

Instagram introduces Ad placements on the Explore feed

Staying with Instagram, the platform also announced towards the end of June that it will be showing Ads in the photo-sharing app’s Explore feed – that area of the app where users go to lose hours of their life.

Conscious not to flood the Explore feed with too many Ads, an accusation that users have levelled at Facebook, the company will roll out the placement feature “slowly and thoughtfully in the coming months”.

Facebook Introduces “Top Fans” feature for Organic Posts 

Finally, Facebook has introduced a new function that allows pages to publish organic posts targeted to their top fans – those that are most engaged.

The move should enable pages to build a core of good engagement, with the hope that this positive sentiment helps to increase awareness to a wider audience.

The top fans feature follows years of reducing organic reach on the Facebook platform, with only around 6% to 10% of fans seeing each post organically. Perhaps Facebook now realises that it has gone too far in the monetisation of the platform?

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