Social Media Innovations
July 2020

By Anika Keys


This month, Facebook added a new feature to video chats, which allows users to broadcast chat rooms live to groups, pages and timelines via your profile. While there are still controls and privacy settings, the rooms can host 50 users who can join via a specific link. In addition to live streaming, Facebook messenger video calls now have the feature to screen share, allowing it to compete with video sharing platforms, like Zoom.


Facebook is also testing a new page design, which re-focuses the CTA to ‘follow’. The total Like count has been removed, with the emphasis moving to page followers – a move which gives a more relevant indication of who is actually interested in content published on a business page.

Facebook has also launched a new hosting system for music videos and is encouraging music publishers to post exclusive artist video clips direct to Facebook. This new feature is seen as good news for major music labels who are looking for alternative platforms to YouTube.


As part of its wider effort to combat bullying on the platform, in July Instagram officially rolled out pinned comments. The feature allows users to highlight positive sentiments and set the tone for their account. In addition to this, it’s now easier to delete large numbers of unwanted comments through ‘managing comments’ and multiple selection.

Another update for Instagram is the introduction of individual fundraisers which will allow users to raise money for personal causes.



LinkedIn’s latest update is the ability to record and pronounce your name and display it on your own LinkedIn profile for others to listen. The feature is designed to help members correctly address you if they meet you offline or over the phone.





While the future of TikTok is up in the air, the latest introduction of Gamified Branded Effects to the business platform aims to build a more engaging user experience. The new effects enable brands to build customised games for their TikTok clips. More than 20 templates are available, which can be personalised with various brand elements.

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