Jan – Social Media Innovations
February 2020

By Alex Jeater

Instagram Stories Tagging 

We start with a new feature from Instagram that will help business or creator accounts keep track of Instagram stories that mention their profile. The new @Stories Mention will allow users to see a collection of all mentions, making is easy to view, stylize and quickly re-share them. The feature will be accessible as an ‘@’ symbol, under “create mode” options, and help brands promote user generated content more easily.

Byte rises from the ashes of Vine

January also saw the announcement that Dom Hoffmann, the cofounder of short form video app Vine, has launched an app successor; Byte. Byte lets users create and upload looping, six-second videos, much like Vine, and more recently TikTok, and aims to feel both “familiar and new”.

Byte intends to build a co-operative relationship between social media platform and creators through revenue share and supplements, and while it’s impossible to predict how such Apps will fare, Hoffman’s experience and the cult-like appeal of predecessor Vine suggests Byte could be one to watch for 2020.


Twitter Reactions

January also saw the release of emoji reaction responses for Twitter direct messages. While, it is easy to send tweets via DMs, the new addition allows users to react to individual messages with a series of emojis. To reply with an emoji, simply double tap on the message or click on the reaction button (heart and plus icon), and choose from the pop-up.😇


Pinterest – Try before you buy feature 

While beauty and makeup topics are popular on Youtube and Instagram, Pinterest is a much-used platform for users researching beauty products or personal care items, so much so that it has rolled out a new feature that lets users “Try On” lipstick shades.

The fun new feature uses Argumented Reality (AR) and Pinterest’s own “smart camera lens’ to help shoppers find the perfect shade. Customers can also take a photo of their virtual try-on and save it as a pin to shop later, or for other users to see.

Top name retailers Estee Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals and Urban Decay are already on board, and we expect to see similar AR type features rolled out across other products, categories and social media platforms in the future.

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