Feb – Social Media Innovations
March 2020

By Anika Keys

Facebook gets crafty 

We start with a new photo-sharing app from Facebooks New Product Experimentation Team (NPE). As its name suggests, ‘Hobbi’ is aimed at hobbyists, and is designed to organise photos into collections that can be tracked over time.

This isn’t the first experimental app from Facebook. Indeed, the platform’s NPE team recently released ‘Whale’, a meme designer, and ‘Aux’ a music DJ app, neither of which achieved significant penetration – and due to the prevalence of Pinterest, we don’t expect Hobbi to be a roaring success.


Facebook Creator App

Sticking with Facebook and new apps, in February the Platform also launched a mobile version of its ‘creator studio’ tool, with a separate creator studio app.

The app helps better manage all Facebook pages, on the go. Despite not being able to upload content on the app, it does permit advanced insights and allows users to manage comments and messages, and see past content post by post. A welcome addition, especially for Community Managers with multiple pages to look after.


Instagram Interactive Lists

Instagram has recently rolled out two new category listings within its ‘following’ tab which allow users to see which accounts are most visible on their feed – a useful feature due to the fact the photo sharing app prioritises content from accounts that are interacted with most. Indeed, this new feature will show users their least interacted-with accounts, allowing them to quickly unfollow profiles.

This latest feature will allow Instagram users to further define their feeds for content that they wish to see more of. For brands, which typically receive lower engagement, this could mean user unfollowing, but will also help to identify which accounts need to be engaged with in order to retain followers and build an engaged community.


TikTok introduces Desktop

With short-form video content on the rise, TikTok has taken a big step to help digital marketers looking to jump on the bandwagon.

Users can now upload TikTok Videos via the desktop version of the app, allowing room for editing, polishing and branding content – a functionality currently not offered by Instagram – and one that will help marketers to connect with the platform’s younger audience even more easily.

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