Social Media Innovations July
July 2021

By Jennifer Green


Better get the popcorn ready because TikTok creators will soon be able to make up to three-minute-long videos. The platform has been encouraging creators around the world to post videos up to three minutes long and is now extending the option for all users in the upcoming weeks. We will take our popcorn sweet and salty, thanks.

Birthday presents also just got even easier as the platform appears to be testing a Cameo competitor that allows users to request and pay for custom videos from their favourite creators. Can we get a shoutout for ShoutOuts?


Thanks to Instagram testing a linking sticker that lets anyone share a URL on Stories, it seems we will all soon have the chance to be influencers. Instagram previously limited the swipe up feature to those with over 10k followers, but there are rumours it is testing enabling users to add stickers that contain external links. We’d like to swipe up on that.

Sound off, subtitles on. Last month, Instagram also announced it is rolling out auto caption tools to regular feed posts in a bid to improve accessibility and maximize sound off views. Keep it coming, Insta!


Come on in ‘cause Clubhouse has just gone public. The audio-streaming platform has ditched its invite-only model over a year after its initial launch, and has opted for a more inviting structure. It now allows any user to join a public livestream, follow Clubhouse links and hop into a creator’s community at any time. Our RSVP? You don’t need one.


Get your spool-of-yarn emojis ready — threads might be coming to Facebook. Facebook has been spotted testing a new feature that gives public figures on Facebook the ability to create a new post connected to a previous one on a related subject. This feature ties the posts together aesthetically, so fans can easily follow updates over time. We are sew into this!

Speaking of emoji’s, how do you feel about soundmojis? Soundmojis are emojis that will have sound effects attached to them to enhance the quality of interactions. Clips range from generic sounds like clapping, to audio clips from TV shows and movies, and Facebook has stated that Soundmojis would let users send short sound clips in a Messenger chat.











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