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Snapchats New Influencer Platform
July 2018

By Sophia Littledale

With Instagram continuing to dominate the field in image sharing through their new product releases, including shareable moments (Instagram Stories) and extended-length videos (IGTV), arch-rival Snapchat is increasingly looking at new ways in which to differentiate in order to build its follower base and revenue.

As part of this process, Snapchat has developed an influencer platform, ‘Snapchat Storytellers’, which helps to connect brands and Snapchat influencers.

The pilot programme will introduce brands to a selection of the app’s most influential content makers. Influencers will then feature in ads for Stories and Discover and provide creative knowledge and direction to brands.

Influencer marketing has become central to social platforms, as algorithms are weighted towards post engagement, which is typically high for influencers. Therefore, the use of influencers has become essential for brands looking to increase awareness and campaign performance.

By tapping into influencers, brands can reach out to a new audience that they may not have access or exposure to otherwise, and also capitalise on influencer’s knowledge and original creative content.

In addition to Snapchat Storyteller, the platform has also made moves to showcase influencer content in a more prominent position. For instance, as of last year, Snap opened up its ‘Official Stories’ to include creators, as well as celebrities. It has also championed the work of influencers by highlighting their content in the ‘Discover’ feed. Since February, selected creators have also had access to in-depth audience analytics.

Ultimately, Snapchat Storytellers is a fantastic platform to bring together influencers and brands. By tapping into the skill-set and knowledge of influencers, brands are able to create content that resonates with a younger audience and we expect Facebook-owned Instagram to follow in the near future.

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