Snapchat’s Partnership With Amazon
September 2018

By Sophia Littledale

Users will be able to take a picture of an item and search Amazon for the product.

Snapchat has become the latest social media app to turn its hand to e-Commerce. The image-sharing platform has partnered with Amazon to offer users the opportunity to shop for products using their camera.

The new in-app shopping feature can be found in Snapchat’s Explore feed. The technology is easy-to-use; users simply need to point their camera at a physical product or barcode while simultaneously pressing the photo button, and the App searches Amazon for the item.

The product then pops up on screen, along with the price (see image above). Users then have the option to view more similar items or click-to-buy.

The move follows in the footsteps of Instagram who has recently expanded its shopping tags to Stories and are rumoured to be launching a dedicated shopping app.

Snapchat’s shopping feature is very similar to Pinterest’s Lens tool, which enables users to scan objects and search for visually comparable items. The main difference is that Snapchat refers to Amazon’s products rather than utilising an in-built library, like Pinterest.

The move into e-Commerce by Snapchat and partnership with a market leading online pureplay like Amazon – which is also well-used by Snapchat’s younger demographic – is a fundamentally savvy decision by the photo-sharing platform. Indeed, if the success of Pinterest’s Lens is anything to go by (600 million searches per month) and Snapchat’s visual identification tool is accurate, then the partnership should prove highly successful.

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