My Year at Favola – Anika Keys
December 2020

By Anika Keys


2020, you’ve been one to remember.


Without sounding cliché, my first year at Favola has been incredible. Busy, fast-paced and full of learning curves and speed bumps. I’m happy to share that my dream job has been… a dream. Not that the role comes without its quirks – that would be boring.


Alexa, adapt that skill

Before starting at Favola, I was pretty confident I knew how to post on social media – as a Gen Z, it’s kind of in my nature. Nevertheless, a year on, here I am still Googling questions about the everchanging obstacle course that is the social stratosphere. With continuous updates and at least four new major Instagram features this year (Reels, I’m looking at you), the game is always changing and inevitably there’s always more to learn. But, that’s the fun!


Whilst I’ve become more efficient and adaptable, practically speaking I’ve also learnt a bunch of new skills. These include; video editing, paid campaigns, analytics and even how to ride a bike (check out the Favola TikTok and give us a follow).



Of course, like everybody else this year, the global pandemic meant adjusting to a whole new working world.

A new style of operating has meant Zoom calls in slippers, Slack becoming more valuable than ever and adopting new systems like to keep track of multiple projects.

Some of my favourites? TikTok filming from cable cars, team park days, Favola Zoom lunches and getting stuck in with new clients. Not to mention, I also got promoted to Senior Community Manager last month and even started a sweet side hustle, BAKERi Bakes (@Bakeri_bakes).


With all the madness this year has brought, I’m definitely one of the lucky ones; surrounded by a supportive team in a productive environment. Looking forward, I’m keen to jump into the year ahead with Favola. New clients, an ever-growing team and evolving creative projects – 2021, here we come.

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