Meet Our New Team Member
December 2021

By Anika Keys

We’re thrilled to announce our newest team member to the Favola Family – Megan Crome. 

Megan Crome – Social Media Executive 

Megan began her Marketing career running the Social Media for a College in Essex, where she’s from. She then moved to London and to work for an agency focussing on Facebook and Google ads. After learning about Google ads, she’s now back in the world of Social, where her passion lies. 

Outside of work, Megan loves to play guitar and cook. Her go to MasterChef dish is any kind of comforting risotto, but pancetta and cheese is her favourite to make. 

On weekends, you can find Megan charity shopping on the high street or hunting down a bargain at the local car boot sale at 7am on a Sunday morning. During 2020, Megan only bought second hand clothes in an attempt to promote the slow fashion movement and is planning on setting the same challenge for 2022. A Depop fashionista queen. 

During the summer you might find Megan on a road trip with friends up to the Lake District for some long walks and fresh air – but you most definitely will not find her camping, plenty of music festivals when she was younger have made her swear never to camp again. 

With a birthday in October, Megan got her first tattoo on her 18th of her star sign, Scorpio. This tattoo would famously go on to be renamed ‘the crayfish’ by her family as it didn’t turn out quite as planned, but she’s had plenty of good ones since, so she doesn’t mind.

Welcome to the Favola family, Megan. 


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