iOS 14.5 Has Arrived
April 2021

By Alex Jeater

It was bound to end in tears. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal (remember that?), Facebook has been under intense pressure with how it handles and processes user data. Apple has decided enough is enough.


The software giant has this week (w/c 24th April) released iOS 14.5; an update that will ask all Apple users their permission for apps to collect data about them, something that Facebook has described as “devastating to small businesses”.

The concern is the data that made Facebook the best platform for targeted Ads will become unavailable, meaning poorer quality targeting and reduced revenue for Facebook and potentially for small businesses.


According to Facebook, the update means that two types of campaigns will be impacted:

“For example, if you’re an app advertiser, you’ll need to run iOS 14 mobile app install advertising within one ad account and will be limited to nine campaigns per app; and if you use web events to optimize and measure your campaigns, you will be limited to optimizing for no more than eight events on each domain that you own”

As an agency, we run a large number of conversion campaigns for clients, and so we’ve been busy preparing for the update, notably ensuring the following is in place:

  • The domain for each client is verified in Facebook Business Manager
  • Adjusting the attribution window to be 7 days (Facebook no longer allows anything but 7 days)
  • Ensuring that only eight web events have been set up (and prioritised) per domain


For the first two points, the preparation has been straightforward. However, the last point has meant that for conversion campaigns for property clients with multiple developments (and therefore multiple registration opportunities), campaigns are now optimised towards any Complete Registration, rather than a custom conversion for a development, so that we don’t have to prioritise between different web events (and developments).

We wait with bated breath with regards to how the update will impact the Facebook campaigns we run, but it’s likely that the ability to target relevant users and then track user behaviour for conversion campaigns will be negatively affected.

Regardless of whatever side of the data privacy debate you are on, the impact of this update will come down to a simple choice: do you want to allow Facebook to collect your data and be served relevant targeted Ads, or do you not want Facebook to collect your data and therefore not be served targeted Ads (and therefore have a potentially worse user experience).

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