Instagram Launches ‘Mute’ Function
June 2018

By Sophia Littledale


Instagram has (finally) introduced an option to mute other users from appearing in a feed. The roll out is due to take place over the next few weeks, and gives users the option to either remove just posts from a feed, or posts and Stories.

A major selling point of the mute function is that users can silence someone’s activity, safe in the knowledge that the person will never know. Say goodbye to ex-partners/Tinder dates/tech-savvy older relatives/smug pals.

This function has long been sought-after by Instagram’s community, as while the photo-sharing platform has always had the option to unfollow someone, sometimes life isn’t that simple. Now you can minimise the number of people you offend, and maximise your scrolling time.

The mute function also allows users to make their home feed and Stories thematic. For instance, you can exclusively follow posts that are consistent with your interests, such as art, architecture or photoshoots with Kirby Jenner.

This is the first initiative from Instagram that gives users the ability to take control of their feed. Expect to see more bespoke, personalised features, in the coming months.

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