Instagram Guides: Take a Tour
December 2020

By Sophie Haugen


Instagram has grabbed 2020 by the horns. From Insta Shops to the TikTok copycat, Reels, the social media giant is on a roll. But why stop there? The latest tool, Instagram Guides, has just been made available to the masses, and it’s surprisingly simple yet effective.

Guides is a space to curate content by sharing a collection of posts which fit into the same theme. Say you’re an online store which sells homeware. Surely, you’ve posted dozens of anecdotal product pictures. Well, Guides allow you to group posts in one handy area (between the IGTV & Shops icons). Say hello to your new Candle IG Guide (don’t forget to link to Shops, obvs).


Interesting. How do I Create my Own IG Guide?

The tool is pretty diverse and so can be applied to both personal and business accounts, whether you’re selling a product or service, or promoting an area or a series of events. It doesn’t even need to be your own content ­– you can share other users’ material with the recommended “Places” and “Products” options. Either way, here’s a handy three-step guide (pun intended):

  1. Decide what your Insta Guide is all about and pick a selection of recent posts which best represent this subject – the more visually appealing the better #Instagram
  2. Pick a hero image for your Guide, give it a name and a short description. You also have the option to add an intro for each post (a cheeky, one-liner which hints at the subject of the original post)
  3. Preview, make last minute amends, re-shuffle the order if you wish and post!

Note: Guides are not yet shared in the Explore tab and the content won’t be re-posted to your grid; it simply sits in the IG Guide section of your profile. You can, however, share your Guides via Stories. Nifty.


Food for Thought

To be honest, Instagram Guides remind me a lot of the blogging days… a website-esque space to feature your picture perfect, customised content. In a nutshell, it’s user-friendly and incredibly accessible. Think minimum effort, maximum output. Visit these Guides by ASOS and Jo Malone, for some creative inspiration. Give it try.


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