How to Unplug?
May 2021

By Anika Keys

While working in social media is one of the best careers out there (not biased, at all), it does involve spending a lot of time online, keeping up with trends, and staying relevant. Whatever was trending on Tuesday, is forgotten by Thursday.

Aside from sore thumbs, social media burnout is something that can affect many of us in the industry, and with Mental Health awareness month coming to an end, it’s important to talk about this subject as it goes way beyond any hashtag.

What is social media burnout?

Social media burnout can happen to anyone, and is never a sign of weakness, no matter how passionate or committed you are about your work. Burnout can be characterised by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, including the constant urge to refresh those apps and the inability to fully “switch off”.

There will always be something to do, but there’s always going to be time to do it. Here are some helpful tips to help:


Set those boundaries

From one screen to another, setting boundaries is a must. Both Android and iOS devices have features to set time limits on individual apps, and screen times as well as providing weekly reports. Better still, the bedtime features allow all notifications to be paused between certain times to ensure you can set time aside to rest.


Audit your feeds

If you’re starting to feel like social media is affecting your mental health, it could be time to refresh who you follow. It’s vital to follow people and brands that align with what is important to you, mute keywords that may upset you, and control comments on your posts.



Self-care is an act of prioritising aspects of your wellbeing, so you’re equipped for anything that comes your way. Whether you opt for yoga, meditation, or a strict no-scrolling two hours, there are plenty of ways to help calm and destress your thoughts. There are a number of useful apps available, like; headspace, calm, and even Spotify’s daily wellness playlist which encourages mindfulness.

So, whether you’re a social media manager, influencer, small business owner, or someone who just really loves social media, it’s essential to make time to check in on yourself and to restore your mental wellbeing.




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