Favola Inspiration – Oct. 2018
October 2018

By Sophia Littledale


“Sorry For Your Loss”

This month we’ve tuned into the fantastic “Sorry For Your Loss”, starring Elizabeth Olsen (yes, the twin’s sister) as a young woman dealing with the sudden death of her husband. The show is aired on Facebook Watch – the platform’s original content channel.

Not only does the programme deal with emotional turmoil and loss in a meticulously observed fashion, but with the show produced, funded and distributed by Facebook, it’s fascinating to see Facebook making waves in online streaming.

If you didn’t know, Facebook Watch has been around for a while but has focused thus far on millennial-friendly reality shows. In comparison, “Sorry For Your Loss” is something more suitable for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. However, unlike the aforementioned, Facebook Watch is free. Expect to see more quality content from Facebook in the future.


Having a #BadHairDay?

Pantene hears you. In fact, they already knew it.

In response to the 1.2m people who posted about their #BadHairDay on Instagram (17 times more than a #GreatHairDay) the haircare brand launched a “14-Day Challenge”, inviting Instagram and Twitter users to post pictures using the #BadHairDay hashtag. In response, each engaged user received a personalised consultation from a Pantene Hair Advisor.

Due to the thousands of entrants, Pantene enlisted a team of community managers to engage with each and every mention (which in itself is no small feat). Product was also delivered to those who engaged.

The end result was an army of women equipped with hair care tips, and two 30-second ads featuring real women who had engaged with the campaign.

By providing a personalised consultation the brand incentivised both new and existing followers to participate and engaged with the campaign. Pantene also aligned themselves with solving a persistent challenge; a marketing strategy which continues to prove popular on social media in terms of building engagement and positive customer sentiment.


‘Cause We Are Living in a Material World

eCommerce continues to be one of the most dynamic areas of growth on social. We’ve recently seen Snapchat team up with Amazon to offer users the opportunity to shop for products using their own smartphone camera.

Now Pinterest has rolled out new shopping options to develop their already burgeoning eCommerce offering. These options include:

  1.     Product pins – with up-to-date pricing and stock information and links to a retailer’s checkout page.
  2.     Shopping Recommendations – like recommended videos on YouTube.
  3.     Shopping feed shortcut – enabling users to shop direct from the Pinterest feed.

This is yet more evidence the platform is moving away from being a social media channel – and becoming a fully-fledged e-retailer.


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