Favola Inspiration – Feb. 2020
February 2020

By Sophia Littledale

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

“Not a single book sold today”, shared Petersfield Bookshop sending the Twittersphere, including fantasy author, Neil Gaiman into a frenzy.

Since the tweet was sent, the bookshop has been overwhelmed with online orders and visits from numerous camera crews to its Hampshire location.

In a touching move that demonstrates the power of social, Petersfield has since vowed to help other independent bookshops, publishers and individuals in the fight against Amazon.



Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe

In an unexpected move, Tesla founder, Elon Musk, has launched an EDM track entitled, “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe”.

Musk recently posted a teaser of him recording the song in the studio and proudly quoted on Twitter that, “I wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!”

While we can’t validate the quality of the track, we do hope that Musk’s girlfriend, acclaimed musician, Grimes, was involved in its production…



An Authentic Italian

It seems that Frankie & Benny’s isn’t quite the authentic Italian restaurant we thought it was.

Last month, Twitter user, @joelycett, tweeted the global chain notifying the restaurant chain that it had spelt “Parmigiana” incorrectly. In response, Frankie & Benny’s requested the user to “capture a selfie…to highlight any other spelling errors”.

Following the exchange, a host of willing Twitter users took to the platform with some hilarious selfie replies, including one from chief pizza-lover, Prince Andrew.


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