Facebook Removes 3rd Party Data
June 2018

By Alex Jeater


Back in March, Facebook announced that from 25th May 2018 it would be ceasing to use 3rd party partner data from Axciom, Experian, Oracle Data Cloud, Datalogix and other (potentially more shady) players, to allow advertisers to target potential customers on its platforms and audience network.

Prior to this announcement, Facebook collected data from three sources to help advertisers make targeting choices. The data was taken from the Facebook platform (age, demographics, interests etc), from advertisers (e.g. email addresses), as well as from 3rd parties. Facebook will now only allow advertisers to target users with data generated directly from the platform, or collected by advertisers themselves.

While the removal of 3rd party data wouldn’t have stopped the Cambridge Analytical scandal, it gives an indication as to how Facebook is looking to tighten up their data acquisition practices.

In the last few months, we have noticed that a number of the categories that we use to target customers on behalf of clients have been impacted. Nothing drastic, but some of the categories we previously used are no longer available.

However, while there has been a little short term pain, on the whole we very much support a tighter approach when it comes to the data Facebook uses to target people. It’s the same thing with regards GDPR rules – yes, they have been a little tricky to get our heads around, but with the world of data acquisition seeming a little like the Wild West at times, on the whole we believe Facebook’s new practices (and, for that matter GDPR) to be a good thing that safeguards everyone online, and encourages people to use social media with confidence.

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