Facebooks New Influencer Platform
August 2018

By Sophia Littledale

Facebook recently launched “Brand Collabs Manager”; a platform that enables brands to easily search for potential influencers (which it calls “Creators”) with a follower count of 25k to 8 million, based on audience characteristics, such as interests, gender, age, education and relationship status.

The tool also allows brands to see which businesses influencers have worked with in the past (including their performance data) to ensure they’re a good fit with their own values and target audience.

Brand Collabs Manager also gives influencers the functionality to showcase their best original content, so that brands can get an understanding of their creative strengths.

The launch of the platform, which comes off the back of a similar announcement from Snapchat, has caused a stir within the industry, as despite Facebook having the largest user base, it has historically been seen as the least influencer-friendly channel. Indeed, Facebook has been late to the sponsored-content party in comparison with influencer-heavy YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

While Brand Collabs Manager is only available in the US at present, it will be interesting to see how it is used across the pond, whether it enables Facebook to compete in the influencer space with other social media channels, and if it provides a superior experience versus existing influencer-matching platforms such as Klear and the myriad of other players.

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