April – Social Media Innovations
May 2020

By Anika Keys


Facebook’s biggest innovation this month is Messenger Rooms; a video conferencing service. Each call will be able to support up to 50 users, and there is no time limit. With tight security, users have the options to host private rooms or share them to personal or group newsfeeds. The new feature also includes AR bunny ears, lighting effects and a wild array of 360-degree backgrounds including raining donuts, space cats and the all-important beach sunset.

This latest update means that audiences can host celebrations, book clubs and more interactive video classes through groups and event pages, and is designed to bridge the gap between business focused Zoom, Skype and Teams, and Houseparty.



TikTok has launched a new set of donation stickers to assist people affected by COVID-19. The stickers will allow users to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes via their TikTok clips. The British Red Cross (@BritishRedCross) and Help Musicians (@HelpMusicians) are the first charity beneficiaries in the UK to have dedicated donation stickers, however we expect more to roll out soon. The option is similar to that available on Facebook and Instagram, although TikTok has promised to match user donations until the 27th May.

Earlier this month, TikTok also introduced Small Gestures; a way for users to send gifts to acquaintances, such as 90-day subscriptions to partner brands Adobe Premiere Rush, or online learning community, Skillshare – tie ups which are beneficial for brands targeting TikTok’s younger demographic.



Instagram’s donation sticker, introduced last month, has now been rolled out to Instagram Lives –  allowing hosts to see the total amount raised, individual contributions and how many people are supporting the cause. Best of all, Instagram doesn’t take a cut and all proceeds will be going to the host’s chosen charity.

Another recent update from Instagram is the use of gift card stickers and the ability to set-up partnerships for online ordering and donations, with the idea to help small businesses while we all stay inside.


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